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Common Questions about booking

         What kind of tattoos do I do?

  • Custom Japanese. Arm sleeves, leg sleeves, back and full chest torso.    
  • Color realism.  So anything photo realistic (portraits, any type of animal, flowers, fun movie characters are always fun.)
  • Black and Grey. (Portraits, photo realistic.)
  • My concept art. It’s art I draw on my free time and suggest to clients. Basically art that’s up for grabs. Click on up for grabs tattoos to see what I have available.         
What do I charge for tattoos?

  • Your custom artist will usually charge by the hour. Hourly rates will vary on the Tattoo. I like to discuss pricing either in person or through email. 

         What do I charge for deposit?

  • Deposits will vary with how large your tattoo will be, but your minimum deposit will be $100. Deposits do go towards your tattoo. You will not get booked unless you leave a deposit. If you no call no show to your appointment, you have just lost your deposit. If you book with me and decide to back out of getting your tattoo, your deposit is nonrefundable. 



To Book Email me at jpdemonink@gmail.com

Send me your ideas and a pic of where you are wanting your tattoo. If I feel I am the right artist for the job I will contact you back. If I do not promptly respond back to you, I do apologize. Please feel free to contact me a second time I tend to be busy 24/7. FYI my ( up for grabs tattoos ) art will get you booked a lot faster lol Feel free to click on( up for grabs tattoos )to see whats available.

Thank you guys! I hope these answer a lot of your questions!